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This was ripped only 6 months before the picture.  

HDPE P​ipe

We have sold and installed hundreds of miles of pipe, mostly 3", 2" and 1 1/2".  We have the ability to install systems 4 to 5' deep where soil allows.  Our customers appreciate the quality and speed in which the job is completed.  The BLM and Forest Service have commented many times on the low environmental impact that is left (see pictures).  We are able to rip 3' deep with room for 3' of brush to go between the ripping bar and the ground.  Basically, we don't have to build a road or make a mess to lay pipe.  We have installed many systems in conjunction with the NRCS and other grazing improvement programs throughout Idaho, Utah and Nevada.   

High Densiity Polyethylene pipe is your strongest, most dependable product to water your cattle.  You can build a system with joints every 6,000'.  These joints will be fused together with a Mcelroy welder, just the same as miles of gas line are installed.  We believe your water is as imporatant as their gas!!  

Poly valves, tees, transitions (stainless steel threads pressed on poly pipe) and saddle fussion (for air-vents and tie-ins to 3" line) will construct your system without a clamp or internal fitting.  These will also be fused into your system.  Unlike metal gate valves, we have had poly valves in our systems for over 15 years and they don't seem to rust or lose integrity.  

We can build you a system that will make a cattlemans days shorter and nights longer!