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As a young ranch family, Jed was in a water truck hauling three loads a day on a 40 mile round trip.  The days seemed to be filled with changing tires and fixing transmissions in two water trucks just to keep the cows watered.    He should have been working in the hay fields or drinking lemonade on the porch with his family.  Meshia remembers being six months pregnant and running for gates when the  clutch went out on a 10 wheeler.  Jed had a contractor lined up to rip pipe.  The contractor decided to take what he called a "better job."  Not wanting to get back in the water  truck, we decided to do the job ourselves.  From this small beginning, over 15 years ago, we have developed a company that has become very efficient at installing cattle watering systems that will be working for you and your great grandchildren.  We are Christians that love our country, freedom, family and our cattle.