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Tire Troughs

We've been selling and installing tire troughs for 15 years.  Through our experience (definition: knowledge by trial and error) we have perfected the art of setting tire troughs.  Our troughs will be leveled and guaranteed to not leak against the cement.  We have proven and tested this over 100 times.  

The tires will be compacted and laser leveled at site.  Floats will be protected with 30" culvert as pictured. We do cement and rock bird ramps (see picture).  

We place multiple tires (as many as six) on one float, in one location, level so that the one float controls the storage of 9600 gallons.  

Tire troughs are great if snow drifts are smashing your metal troughs.  We personally had metal troughs smashed every year.  Since changing to tire troughs we just watch the cows drink. The only problem with a tire trough is that the hunters bullets don't seem to penetrate them. 

We have various tires in inventory for your convenience.